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Massage Therapy and Advanced Bodywork


My massage therapist has really made an impact on my life since I got Fibromyalgia.  A Healing Hands Therapist, Tanya C., is very good at knowing what to do to take away the pain. I am so grateful for her.   Lila N.

I have been coming to Healing Hands for quite some time and have received major relief in my shoulders and neck.  I highly recommend Gail Brown to help release your muscle tension.              MJ Sawyer 

Ronnese is Fantastic. We would like to take her home.     J. J.

Massage therapy has given me back my life!    Sandy Dressler

Tanya is a blessing to me. Her skill helps immeasurably with my Fibromyalgia pain.  Her spiritual presence makes each visit a pleasure.  Diane K.

Gail Brown's work is elegant.  Her vast knowledge of the body's mechanics, how all systems work together, come into play as she works with the intelligence and wisdom of the body, promoting its willingness to come into balance.  She is masterful. For me, Gail Brown has assisted and facilitated the righting of a long held physical dysfunction which resulted from a life changing injury.  I am forever grateful for her kind, heart-filled presence. Her work is unparalleled.       Sharon B.

For me, the positive experience is that I can keep pursuing my passion, which is horseback riding. My injuries have been either reduced to a bare minimum, or the pain is completely gone with massage. Yea! Also, massage keeps me very balanced.     Diane Cook

I have been coming to Tanya at Healing Hands since 2008.  I have never felt better.  Dr. James Scott recommended me to come to Tanya.  I, in turn have recommended Tanya and Healing Hands to several friends who feel the same.   Ann W.

So relaxing! All tension gone! Gail is excellent. I highly recommend.        Anonymous

Absolutely wonderful! Very relaxing. I went to sleep.    Arlene Allen

I came to see Tanya for craniosacral therapy to assist me with my sciatic pain. I had long-term problems with my hips from a compound ankle fracture. After one visit, I was astounded by Tanya's healing abilities and the far-reaching impact that working with her would have, not just on my alignment and physical health, but my emotional healing as well. I highly recommend working with her and the staff at Healing Hands. I am so grateful to have found them. Lesley Smith